We aim to support education, training for people of different ages, professional disciplines and nationalities through directions, actions, and programs of European Union:
  • Erasmus+
  • Europe for Citizens
  • Creative Europe
As with programs dealing with the themes below:
  • Mobility and career programs for young people
  • Vocational education and training in Germany 
  • Intensive learning of the German language for levels A1-B2 with enable distance learning |e-learning|
  • Learning German terminology various professional sectors, with the possibility of distance education |e-learning|
  • Education of media for students, parents, and teachers.
  • Counseling children and adults.


We bring together stakeholders with motor protection programs, information and culture.
We have the infrastructure and knowledge to support and provide ideas and solutions to contemporary social problems, through European cooperation and measures.
We also provide counseling on education and career issues in Germany through subsidized programs to professions defined each time by the corresponding program.


The music, from the beginning of human appearance, accompany him and help him to communicate with his environment and cultivate the soul of the world. In this context, we seek through the application of modern educational programs to promote the music, which is the global language.
We aim to inform the benefits derived by someone who deals with music in social, psychological, educational and communicative level.


By the term art is meant by human activity, the creation of which is important because of the attraction that causes the human senses, stimulating the mind and the emotion. Is the creative expression within the project reflects the mental state, feelings, ideas, feeling that the vision of the artist.
We want to bring as many artists from around the world, to create a new project, and bring them into contact with general public in order to design new homes and creating easier access to artistic platforms.